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Choose your video marketing plan


3-month term

$24,000 USD.

Billed up front.

New to video? Don’t be shy. Get on the path to engaging content with the Starter plan.

15 credits/period*

Mix and match your credits to jump start your video journey

Enhance your website experience with a video customers can’t look away from

Introduce your brand and your team with an inspiring company video

Leverage engaging social media clips to delight your audience


6-month term

$38,950 USD.

Billed in 2 payments.

Kick it up a notch. Access more content to power your brand with the Growth plan.

32 credits/period*

Produce longer-format videos, like training or tutorials

Employ video solutions across HR, Training, Consumer, or Franchise Development

Get Video Flows with step-by step instructions to create a video moment

Create high-end videos by accessing more add-ons and extra features


12-month term

$98,868 USD.

Billed in quarterly payments.

Unlock limitless potential and become a video maverick with the Enterprise plan.

84 credits/period*

Streamline processes across your company with strategic video production

Support up to 3 brands or business divisions with this corporate solution

Maximize your savings with highly competitive production rates

Enjoy the flexibility of additional client revisions

Access more onsite shoots anywhere in the country with your credits*

Access videos with up to 5 minutes in length for training programs

All plans are subject to an onboarding fee. With each plan we offer: a dedicated Video Marketer, strategic planning, project management, conceptualization, scriptwriting, two rounds of revisions, graphics package, logo animation, and one on-site shoot (if applicable). Unused credits roll over to the following term.

If your project requires multiple shoot days or locations, it may need to be scoped and quoted separately. Plans cannot be combined with each other.

Use your credits towards

Product Credits
Video Reel/Snippet 1
Video Campaign (7, 15, 30-sec) 7
Testimonials 3
Case Studies 6
Social Ads/Promos 5
Value Proposition 6
Animated Explainers 7
Product Showcase / Customer Experience 8
General Purpose 6
YouTube Series (7 Episodes) 12
Masterclass (Up to 5 min.) 10
Day in a Life (Up to 3 min.) 9
Qualifying Moment (Up to 5 Min.) 10
Business Overview 10
Brand Story Video 8

Add on, based on your needs

Product Cost
Platform managed $500/platform
Analytics/Branded player $200/month
Additional minutes 1 credit/minute
Additional filming days 2 credits/day
Spokesperson 2 credits
Versions/Adaptations 2 credits
Studio space 3 credits
Onsite film shoot (w/ Scouting) 3 credits
Addt'l locations / sets 1 credit
A - Roll (Soundbites) 8 credits
B - Roll Shot List of 20 Scenes 8 credits
Photography Shoot (30 shots) 4 credits

Need a more in-depth look? Click here to find which videos are right for you.

Ask about our advanced videos plans

Launching a video subscription service? Planning your next large scale live event? Or simply need even more advanced video capabilities, support and SLA? We have customized plans for that.

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Frequently asked questions
Why does your company need a video marketing plan?

Video is the most effective way to revolutionize your business, hands down. From product promotion and content marketing, to streamlining internal processes—video generates efficiency and results. But the process of incorporating video can be costly and time consuming, and involve an overwhelming amount of advisors, contracts, and agencies.

Trifactor has optimized and simplified video marketing to make it affordable and easy to add dynamic video content into your company vision. We’ve combined all the essentials: strategic planning, creative content, and professional video production to offer an all-in-one solution. By offering a bank of credits, each plan gives you access to Premium or Masterpiece level videos, to create a custom bundle that meets your goals. Plus, turnaround is faster so you can put your strategy into action and drive results.

How does the credit system work?

Credits work like virtual currency, and depending on which plan you choose, you can cash those credits in for different types of video content.

With every plan, Trifactor provides the expertise of a dedicated video marketer to assess your company top to bottom. Having your own video marketer is like having a personal trainer for your business. To keep your business in top shape, we identify what areas need bulking up with video, and build a recommended plan for your credits based on that assessment.

If you need additional time on a video, an extra shoot day, a bi-lingual version, or even a spokesperson, you can throw a couple extra credits towards our menu of add-ons.

Which plan best supports your company’s goals?

If you’re new to video marketing and want to start with website or social media content, kick things off with the Starter plan. Starter plans give you access to 2-4 videos to hit the ground running and start getting seen on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and even Google.

If you’re results-oriented and are ready for next-level content, get going with the Growth plan. Growth plans offer more video content so you can continue to develop your video integration strategy, and even incorporate add-ons. The Growth plan is perfect whether you’re graduating from the Starter plan or ready to jump headfirst into the world of video.

If you’re ready to fully integrate video into your business, then get on board with the Enterprise plan. Enterprise plans are ideal for larger companies that need support for multiple brands or divisions, or single-brand companies that prioritize video content and are looking to maximize savings. Enterprise plans enjoy the highest amount of credits for the greatest content potential, plus perks like increased flexibility and additional shoots.

What is the onboarding fee?

Our approach isn’t one-size-fits-all. To create a strategy for your business with the full Trifactor effect, we need to get to know each other. The onboarding fee is a one-time charge that connects you with Trifactor and includes our initial assessment, strategic planning, and project management. It also includes all necessary travel coordination and crew logistics, should you need the 1 onsite shoot available in each plan.

How long is each video under a video marketing plan?

Video clips range from 15-30 seconds, and promos can be 15, 30, or 60 seconds. All other videos under a video marketing plan clock in at a maximum of 2 minutes.

If you need more time, create long-form content by cashing in extra credits.

Can I combine plans?

Each plan covers you for a specific term of usage. While you can purchase, standalone plans for different use cases to be used during a specific term. Plans cannot be combined together to create your own bucket of credits.