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Video marketing products

Video Clips

up to 30 seconds

Video clips are social-media friendly clips that are edited down from a longer-format video already produced. They are 15-30 seconds in length and can be optimized for various social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Instagram Stories. Oftentimes, these can be used as video ads. If you want a 30-second video produced from scratch without clipping it from an existing video, you will need to produce a Social Ad or Promo.

1 credit


up to 2 minutes

Testimonials require an onsite shoot and have a 2-minute duration limit. They feature one interviewee or subject in a single defined setting. Testimonials give others insight before making a decision or taking the next step. They focus on highlighting a positive experience and create credibility. Anyone can be in a testimonial such as strategic partners, employees, clients, and franchisees, for example.

3 credits

Case Studies

up to 2 minutes

Case studies take the viewer on a deep dive of a success story, using storytelling to highlight the results of a specific project or the achievements of a particular business partner or client. Customer Success Stories or Day-in-the-Life videos are good examples of case studies. These videos have a maximum duration of 2 minutes, require an onsite shoot, and may include multiple sets, perspectives, b-roll, and motion graphics to adequately tell the story.

4 credits

Social Ads/Promos

15, 30, or 60 seconds

Social Ads include a clear call to action and a dynamic pace to increase brand awareness or engagement. Promos are offer-based videos that promote sales. Social Ads and Promos have defined durations of 15, 30, or 60 seconds and can be formatted for traditional media (TV) or optimized for social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Instagram Stories. With the use of additional credits, these videos can be formatted and optimized for multiple platforms to maximize visibility.

5 credits

About Us

up to 2 minutes

About Us videos feature interview-style footage and a mix of b-roll and motion graphics to showcase your brand and highlight what makes your company unique. About Us videos are up to 2 minutes in length and require an onsite shoot. Culture videos and leadership videos would fall under About Us, as they aim to answer your brand’s purpose and reason for being.

6 credits


up to 2 minutes

Explainers rely heavily on motion graphics to clearly illustrate how a specific product or service functions. Up to 2 minutes in length, Explainers are the perfect tool to highlight the value proposition of your offering to potential customers. With additional credits, you can extend the duration of explainer videos.

7 credits

How-it-works/How-to Videos

up to 2 minutes

How-it-works and How-to videos are the perfect tool to demonstrate step-by-step how your product or service works. They have a duration of up to 2 minutes, usually require an onsite shoot, and mix in b-roll and motion graphics to highlight key points to the viewer. With additional credits, you can extend the length of your videos, turn them into a training series, or even feature a charismatic brand spokesperson to elevate your message.

8 credits

General Purpose

up to 2 minutes

With a maximum 2 minutes in length, and including an onsite shoot, this video solution serves a variety of purposes, including: executive bios, investor pitches, self promos, influencer features, FAQs, animated demos, sizzles, product reviews, event promos, or event recaps.

6 credits