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Production Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions outline Trifactor’s processes and company standards for client projects. By purchasing a Trifactor video product, you thereby agree to be bound by these terms, in addition to other terms that may be agreed upon outside the scope of this website.


Video products purchased through the video store are paid in full at checkout. 

In some cases, Trifactor may authorize a partial payment outside the bounds of this, through the client’s account manager or sales representative. Partial payment plans will be contracted and agreed upon separately, and only occur in select circumstances. If partial payment is authorized, industry standards require a 50% initial deposit, which includes the conceptualization process, travel, planning of resources, and the cost of goods acquired to execute the work. Payment of the remaining 50% balance would be due upon project completion, with the final video file delivered once the invoice has been paid in full. Late fees and charges may apply should the client not adhere to the agreed upon payment terms.


Clients have 7 days after purchase to submit a written project cancellation and refund request. Requests made after this 7-day window may be eligible for a partial refund, accounting for costs incurred by Trifactor up to the point of cancellation (labor costs, travel expenses, resource allocations, etc.). Requests made after 30 days of purchase are not eligible for refunds.  

All refunds are subject to a deduction of merchant and payment processing fees, bank charges, transfer fees, etc. Trifactor reserves the right to deny cancellation requests or refunds at any time.


All clients are subject to additional fees billed at the end of the project, for the addition of elements not outlined in the initial scope of work, including but not limited to:

Motion tracking (e.g. removing, replacing, or altering elements in the original video footage.)

Multiple versions or adaptations (e.g. subtitles, dubbing, format adjustments, variations of end tags/calls to action, promos, or localization requirements.)

Atypical delivery or distribution (e.g. uploads to hosting platforms not owned by the client, hard drive back up, physical mailing or shipping.)

Requests made after client sign off (e.g. additional edits, format adjustments, changes to messaging, calls to action, contact information, audio, voiceover, or music selection.)

Out-of-scope fees begin at $250 and may need to be quoted separately depending on the request.


All clients have access to revisions at certain milestones during the project. A designated number of revisions are permitted at each phase, as shown. 

Creative Concept, 2 rounds

Script, 2 rounds

Voice Over, 1 round

1st Cut, 2 rounds

Any additional rounds requested will incur a separate fee of $250 per round.


At certain stages during the project, clients will need to complete sign-off forms to ensure timely progression. Sign off forms should be completed and submitted within 2 days of receipt. Failure to submit any sign off form in the required timeframe may result in project delays. Upon project completion, the client will receive a final sign off form to signal the end of the project.

The items that require sign off forms are as follows:

Creative Concept


Voice Over

Final Version


Project completion is defined as: a completion of all client-requested changes, both verbal and written, and a submission of a final version to the client for final sign off. Clients are responsible for completing and submitting the final sign off form within 30 days of project completion. Should the final sign off form not be submitted in this timeframe, Trifactor will assume the project is satisfied, based on the prior submission of earlier sign off forms.


All video products adhere to length guidelines and limitations outlined in the video production tiers. Listed below are the various lengths of all video products sold on the Trifactor Video Store or offline via agreed terms and conditions. Grace periods may apply to certain products sold, but not all video products qualify. The inclusion of additional minutes are billed at $850 minimum, depending on the scope of work and production tier purchased under the agreed terms. 

Standard video lengths:

Essential Videos: Up to 1 minute

Premium Videos: Up to 2 minutes

Masterpiece Videos: Up to 3 minutes with a 30-second grace period

These length limitations apply to most Trifactor Video Store products. Webinar videos will need to be scoped separately.


Once a client signs off on a voice over talent, 1 alternate version may be requested if the client is unhappy with the style, pronunciation, presentation, tone, tempo, etc. Further takes are subject to additional fees.

Additional charges of up to $500 may be incurred if the client requests to change the voice over talent originally selected and approved.


Video production crew and equipment needs vary from project to project depending on the scope of work and production tier purchased under the agreed terms. Trifactor’s customer service and production standards ensure the presence of a qualified, affiliated, and vetted camera operator and a producer, if necessary. 


Each project executed by Trifactor is planned in advance and in accordance with client requirements. A timeline of deliverables may be provided to the client to ensure timely completion of services. If delays occur due to client revisions or late sign off form submissions, the project timeline will be duly updated and the client will be notified in advance of the adjustments. 


Turnaround times are as follows:

Essential Videos: 2-3 weeks

Premium Videos: 4-6 weeks

Masterpiece Videos: 6-8 weeks


Projects that require express delivery or priority attention in our predetermined production schedule are subject to a minimum rush fee of $500, which may be greater depending on the scope of work and production tier purchased under the agreed terms. 


With the purchase of a Trifactor Video Store product, clients have the option to include add-ons to supplement their video purchase. Add-ons are listed in the table below. Any requests outside this menu may be scoped and quoted separately.

Alternate Video Version $500/each
Social Media Clip Adaptation $750/each
Advertising Platform Management $500/platform
Video Analytics with Branded Player $650/video
Additional Post-Production $750/minute
Subtitles $750/minute
Score/Original Music $750/minute
Weekend Service $800/day
Additional Camera Operator $1,200/day
Audio Operator $950/day
Make-Up Artist $750/day
Spokespersons/Actors/Extras $250/each
Basic Insurance $500/year
Premium insurance $800/year