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3 Ways Videos Grow Your Search Ranking on Google

In the current digital marketing landscape, getting found by potential customers is the first hurdle to success. With rife competition, you need the right marketing strategy to get eyes on your business. Ask yourself: Is your product appearing in search engines? Learning to work with Google’s algorithms to optimize your page rank is your best bet. 

While it’s true that paid advertisements can land you a coveted spot on Google’s first page with less effort, it’ll certainly cost you, and won’t necessarily lead to results. Organic ranking will lead to higher conversion and more eyes on your site. And while there are many techniques to optimize your SEO, video content is proven to grow your page rank organically since it is dynamic, engaging, and will help you rise through the ranks.

Here are 3 ways you can grow your search ranking with video: 

Website Traffic

Google loves video—and when it comes to content, the algorithm cares about two things: quality and relevance. 

Video by definition, as opposed to images or plain text, is already of a higher quality because of its production and creative value. And to keep things relevant, use video titles that answer the questions your customers are asking. When uploading video content on Youtube, Facebook, or IGTV, make sure you’re using the keywords that your customers are browsing. 

In the social media world, video content is king. If your goal is growing organic website traffic, video marketing is highly shareable. 92% of mobile video watchers on social media will share video content. The more shares on your video, the more visits to your website. That shareability is what will lead customers into your sales funnel via your website. 

Increased website traffic and a higher page rank go hand-in-hand with video in the mix. 

 Digital marketing team creating a strategy to organically grow their Google ranking

Dwell Time

Once you’ve got people on your website, the next hurdle is keeping them there. Visitors usually click away in seconds unless something compelling grabs their attention. High bounce rates are fought with dynamic content—video. Wisita conducted a study of their own website traffic and bounce rates, and found that pages with video held audience attention 2.6x longer than pages without it. That’s more time those customers spend perusing your website, learning about your products, and moving through their buyer’s journey. 

Increased dwell time is a reliable way that video can help boost your ranking. The more time people spend on your website, the more the search engine trusts your content as relevant, and then shows that content to other searchers. So, in addition to boosting your page rank, video boosts your sales processes and increases your likelihood of securing new customers. 

Link Building

Honing your SEO strategy and using engaging content that caters to your audience and Google will steadily build trust and credibility. As you move up the page rank, not only will customers find you, but other content creators will find you, and begin to link to your page. As you build your links, your SEO rank will increase organically. With the use of video, you highly increase your chances of being linked by other sites. Video content makes your business not only a reliable source, but an engaging one.

The more links, the more trust, the more website traffic, and so on. SEO is a self-fulfilling marketing strategy. The more you feed it with effort and engaging content, the more it grows and rewards you. Building your link profile is key to making your website an expert source in the eyes of the search engine and your potential customers.

With the proven results of video on website traffic, social media shares, and dwell time, video content will add value to your website, and build a solid link profile that lets Google know you’re a source to be trusted, high up on the page rank. 

Video content is essential for any marketing strategy. To learn more, click here.

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